Lifeplus® Decking

Lifeplus® Decking is a decking profile in hardwood with improved performance and longer life particularly in weather-exposed conditions. The decking itself is manufactured from high quality durability class 1 (outside above ground classification) selected hardwoods.
Further information:
It is recommended that Lifeplus® Decking is used in accordance with the Lifeplus® Decking Guide
It contains information about:

  • decking design: floor plans, timber selection, deck heights, positioning of post, bearer and handrails, joists, bracing, decking, termite protection and span tables.
  • pre-construction: under deck conditions, on-site storage, sealing, finishes and fixings.
  • construction: set out, footings, posts and ledger/pole plates, bearers, joists, bracing, decking, finishing, handrails.


Supplied as a mix of spotted gum and red ironbark

Grades Select
Standard size 88mm wide x 21mm thick
Quantity To calculate quantity the Lifeplus® Decking Guide recommends the following formula:

Lifeplus® Decking profile is an exposed surface sanded during machining to remove loose splinters, leaving the natural form of the sawn surface. This profile enhances slip resistance.

Tapered sides allow any debris between the boards to fall through. This feature reduces the chances of damp debris holding moisture between the boards and makes cleaning easier.

Ventilation is also improved with the larger gap at the joist level.

A warp-reducing groove and ripple on the underside reduces in-service distortion and increases ventilation between the deck and joist. This feature minimises the chance of rotting of the joist and underside of the decking.

The LifePlus® Decking profile is currently the subject of a granted Registered Design and Innovation Patent in Australia. The profile is also the subject of granted and pending Registered Designs in a number of overseas markets and an international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application.
Treatments ACQ to H3 level
Fixings All bolts, screws, nails, brackets, framing anchors and other hardware in fully weather exposed conditions should be hot-dipped galvanised or stainless steel (depending on conditions) to ensure long term performance of the fasteners.
Moisture content Supplied kiln dried with a 15% maximum moisture content.
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