Timber Product Range

Hardwoods: exclusively sourced from Burnett Sawmill in Bundaberg Queensland
Species Colour tones Durability above ground* Durability below ground*
Red ironbark red class 1 class 1
Forest red gum red-pink class 1 class 1
Spotted gum brown class 1 class 2
*see technical information

Queensland hardwoods are renowned for their superior durability suiting the demands of the Australian climate.
Product applications:

  • decking
  • flooring
  • lining
  • cladding
  • screening and detailing
  • structural posts
  • bearers and joists
  • beams
  • rafters
  • rails and slats

Large sections and sizes can be supplied for structural posts, joists and beams allowing the specification of a seamless mix of materials for a project with lifetime endurance.

Where projects have a first floor deck as part of the design, the support posts, timber joists and edge bearers are often the first detail to greet you. The integration of external materials has the advantage of complementing a project’s architectural aesthetic appeal.

Integrating internal flooring with external decking, cladding, screening and structural materials extends the flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.
M.M. Hearn Architectural Building Products offers a total solution enabling the matching of durable hardwoods.

Other hardwoods A variety of other species can be sourced upon request.
Queensland: Blackbutt, Tallowwood, Turpentine and others
New South Wales: various
Western Australia: various
Victoria: various


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